Interactive Packaging: Why you should consider it?

When packaging lets you interact with it, it actually can help bring more engagement to the customer. Whether it be coloring, folding, or even crushing or reading, it will allow you to connect with the product in a way that traditionally doesn’t. these are usually the end goals of interactive packaging. But, how does it work? What are some of the successful interactive packaging aspects? In this, we’ll discuss why you should consider interactive packaging and some important tidbits about it.

So what is interactive packaging? well, it can be an approach used in all kinds of packaging including boxes, polybag, or in any other product containers. In order to get customers to interact with the product, but also the packaging as well. Some examples include wine bottles with some “connect the dots” labels in order to get people who use it to draw on the label.

Another example would be the folding instructions you can keep with moving boxes to make it a clothes hanger. While there are many examples of this type of packaging, some of the applications will alert the customers of the quality of the package inside.  You can even get modified atmosphere packaging, which has freshness indicating stickers that are there to tell you how fresh they are.  You can see these changes over time as the product nears the level of spoilage. Once the bottom half of this is fully blue, the meat isn’t safe to have, which is a good way to help have meat in a safe manner.

Why should you use it though? Well, it offers brands a means to connect with customers on a more engagement level than ever before. It allows for many different opportunities to get the consumer into a more dynamic relationship with the product, and the company that is selling it. Regardless of whether the packaging supply is enhanced with either analog or digital capabilities, this type of packaging lets you get the products into the customer’s hands in a way that’s unique and will target the actual needs of the customer as opposed to the traditional packaging materials.

In our world, customers vie for the attention of many different people and having this interactive packaging will help you get a leg up against competitors, especially those that don’t’ choose to use these kinds of tools. Relying on design, colors, typography, and even just generalized aesthetics might be problematic when going up against competitors who are leveraging interactive packaging in order to get customers to play or inspect the product prior to your purchase. If customers get a product into their hands that answer the engagement via the interactivity of the product, there is a chance that they’ll get the product.

So who should use it? Well, it’s good for pretty much any business that wants to boost customer engagement with their products, and who can benefit from this type of packaging.  While some types of interactive packaging might be costly for some businesses, there are alternatives that are cheaper. The most simple implementation of this is to have interactive dynamics that can pull larger audiences without a huge investment financially.

You should take some time and figure out how you can use interactive products in your packaging in order to engage with customers so that you can give them something cool. If you do plan to use this, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re not wasting extra money on materials, and from there, make sure that it fits with the needs of customers. That way, you’re much happier, and your customers will love everything about this as well.